Justin Ward, VP, Business Practices - Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International
Mari L. Snyder, VP, Social Responsibility, Marriott International

Ensuring sustainable supply chains and protecting essential ecosystem services is critical to U.S. businesses and the overall economic prosperity of the U.S. The private sector plays a large role in driving innovation that secures the natural resource base of our economy. Marriott is a leader in the hospitality industry in demonstrating how responsible hotel management can be a positive force for protecting natural capital as well as creating economic opportunities in the U.S. and around the world.

Sustainability is good for business. It improves profitability; creates new jobs and economic opportunities; promotes growth within current and new markets; attracts & retains employees; and mitigates operational risk.

Conservation International has been working collaboratively with Marriot for the past 4 years, advising the company on its sustainability strategy.  Marriott's sustainability strategy has raised the bar across the hospitality industry with its ambitious targets for energy and water use efficiency, construction standards for hotel developers, guidelines for supply chains, and initiatives to educate associates and guests on nature conservation.

Marriott's efforts extend beyond the company's hotel properties to include investments in conservation of the Brazilian Amazon and, with CI, to safeguard fresh water in the mountains of China's Sichuan Province and improve water quality for surrounding rural communities. The economic growth generated by conservation strengthens and stabilizes frontier markets for hospitality and tourism, both sectors critical to many developing countries.

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