Donna Harman, President and CEO, American Forest & Paper Association

Justin Ward, Vice President, Business Practices - Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International

John Musinsky, Senior Director, Regional Analysis, Conservation International

Partners: American Forest & Paper Association, Conservation International

U.S. economic interests are harmed by illegal logging which undermines markets for legal operators, depresses global wood commodity prices, and lowers profits for American companies. Partnerships between industry, conservation groups and governments are an effective and important tool for addressing illegal logging. For the past four years, in partnership with AF&PA, CI has worked with NASA and host-country partners to tackle the problem of illegal logging at the source.  Utilizing remote sensing technology to detect and track illegal logging, this partnership developed real-time monitoring systems designed to trigger rapid response by patrols and other enforcement officials working on the ground, providing critical information on suspected illegal logging and encroachment.  These activities help increase transparency about what is happening on the ground, create greater accountability of government agencies, enable local communities to more effectively police and manage their own lands and deter illegal activity from taking place. This collaboration provides a successful example of how such initiatives help countries stop illegal logging and, through leveling the playing field, benefit American competitiveness and the U.S. economy.

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