We are actively engaging parliaments worldwide to take on the challenge of adopting a long-term approach to natural resource wealth management. Our interparliamentary network is expanding to include the decision-makers who must be at the table for real change.


Canada: International Conservation Forum

The Canadian ICC was born out of our collaboration and is led by Dr. Keith Martin, MD, PC, MC. While it is not a huge caucus in terms of numbers, all 4 major parties are represented, and it is a very strong entity with a strong parliamentary agenda. The Canadian ICC is currently developing a foundation similar to the ICCF to serve the caucus. Upon Dr. Martin’s retirement from parliament, he will lead the foundation. We invite you to visit the Canadian ICF website.

Russia: Center for Environmental Policy and Structure

The Russian conservation caucus (which they refer to in their tradition as a conservation “club”) was born as a result of our direct solicitation and dedicated effort. It includes all 4 major parties. The caucus fashions its activities after those of the U.S. ICC, but intentionally does not advertise our close connection due to Russian sensitivity to the U.S. and wider political considerations. Their caucus is heavy on science and currently focused primarily on domestic conservation issues. However, as the caucus continues to benefit from our direction and future missions, we hope that it will expand its focus to benefit a wider range of issues. We invite you to visit the Russian caucus foundation website.