John Hofmeister, President, Shell Oil Company

Red Cavaney, President & CEO, American Petroleum Institute

Dr. Donald Paul, Vice President & CTO, Chevron Corporation

Partners: Shell Oil Company, American Petroleum Institute, Chevron Corporation

ICCF hosted a Congressional Members and Spouses Dinner Briefing on the Oil & Gas Industry's Investment in Conservation.

A special presentation on the Congo Basin Forest Partnership was delivered by John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil Company, who discussed his company’s support of sustainable economic development through conservation and natural resource management, addressing the needs of humans and wildlife, communities and ecosystems. Mr. Hofmeister's presentation was complimented by presentations from Red Cavaney, President & CEO of American Petroleum Institute, who addressed industry-wide conservation strategies and Dr. Donald Paul, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer for Chevron Corp., a foremost expert on fuel efficiency and alternative energies for Chevron, who discussed the future of energy.


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