ICCF's Good Steward Awardees


Bo Derek

Bo Derek, a UN Goodwill Ambssador, is a long-time advocate for animal welfare. In 2006 she was appointed U.S. Special Envoy of the Secretary of State for Wildlife Trafficking Issues, and has travelled around the world advocating better legislation and enforcement to combat the illegal wildlife trade. She was also appointed Commissioner of the California Horse Racing Board by the Governor of California. Bo is an outspoken advocate for sharks, polar bears, big cats, and many other species. She is renowned for her global campaign to combat shark finning and has recently launched a new initiative with Sir Richard Branson to protect Canada’s polar bear population. She is founder and president of Bless the Beasts, has served as a Board Member of WildAid since 2006, and joined the WildAid Canada Board of Directors in 2010.


Harrison Ford

Mr. Ford, an internationally recognized actor, is becoming just as well known for his extensive work on behalf of conservation. He has served on the board of Conservation International for more than a decade, currently serving as vice chair of the board and a member of the Conservation International Executive Committee. He has played a key role in establishing the organization's Center for Applied Biodiversity Science and Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. Mr. Ford is also a board member of Conservation International's Global Conservation Fund, which is credited with securing the protection of more than 40 million acres on three continents. Mr. Ford has been named an Honorary Chair of the Indianapolis Prize, the world's leading award for animal conservation. In 1993, arachnologist Norman Platnich named a new species of spider Calponia harrisonfordi in honor of Mr. Ford's conservation work, and in 2002 entomologist Edward O. Wilson named a new ant species Pheidole harrisonfordi to honor his efforts on behalf of Conservation International.


Dr. Laurie Marker

Since 1990, as Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Dr. Laurie Marker has pioneered innovative ideas in conservation to help the cheetah win its race against extinction. She is recognized around the world as one of the leading experts on cheetahs, both in the wild and in captivity, and under her leadership, CCF has become an internationally recognized center of excellence in conservation research and programming. In 1990, she founded CCF as an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild, an institution which is now recognized worldwide as an unparalleled model for predator conservation. Dr. Marker’s research throughout her career has contributed vital information on cheetah health, reproduction, mortality, evolution, and genetics. Dr. Marker’s collaborative approach, which attempts to create ways for humans and wildlife to thrive together, has built a network of supporters throughout the nation of Namibia, the continent of Africa, and the world.


Ed Norton

Actor and philanthropist Ed Norton developed the idea for BP’s Solar Neighbors Program, which provides solar power systems to low-income families—a program that he currently heads. He is the narrator of a series produced by National Geographic that addresses issues such as overfishing and how the battle to save the planet transcends traditional boundaries such as political affiliation and national borders. He also actively supports The Nature Conservancy, the Grand Canyon Trust, the Wilderness Society, and Earthjustice.

Kris and Doug Tompkins

The Tompkins have always been avid and effective conservationists. Mr. Tompkins founded the outdoor gear and clothing company The North Face. He later grew Esprit into a global power-house in the retail market. In 1990, Tompkins sold his share in Esprit to do conservation work full time. Kris Tompkins, the former CEO of Patagonia, helped to establish Patagonia as a world leader in the environmental movement, including co-founding the Conservation Alliance in 1989, encouraging other business leaders to contribute to conservation causes. Mrs. Tompkins retired in 1993 as the CEO of Patagonia, moving to southern Chile. Since then the Tompkins have acquired land for preservation purposes (over two million acres) for the Conservation Land Trust, founded by Doug Tompkins. In 2000 Kris Tompkins founded Conservacion Patagonica (CP), a land trust focused exclusively on the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile. In 2001, CP purchased a ranch of over 150,000 acres, which was donated to the Argentine National Parks Administration, creating the first national park on the coast of Argentina, with unparalleled diversity of plant and animal life. In 2004, CP funded the purchase of 173,000 acres in the center of the prized habitats of the region. Thanks to the Tompkins and their tireless efforts, virtually all original species in the region remain intact, with a bright future of staying that way.

Rob Walton

ICCF recognized Walmart CEO Rob Walton with the "Good Steward" Award in recognition of his impressive record as a champion of environmental issues—including a commitment to industry-leading waste reduction and alternative energy initiatives, outstanding dedication to responsible sourcing, and commitment to global sustainability efforts such as those to replenish declining fisheries and preserve forests. Under his leadership, Walmart has set an unprecedented goal of achieving zero waste and 100% renewable energy. Walton serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Conservation International’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Council of Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business.