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Advancing U.S. leadership in international conservation through public and private partnerships and developing the next generation of Congressional conservation leaders. Learn More


ICCF is an affiliate of The ICCF Group, an umbrella organization linking ICCF offices in the U.S., Latin America and Africa. Learn More


Current Focus in Congress

Setting the international conservation agenda in Washington, D.C., affecting livelihoods globally

Why International Conservation Benefits the U.S.

Bolstering America's economy, improving our security & meeting our growing needs for natural resources

International conservation provides benefits not only to people and wildlife in the developing world, but to every American citizen—by bolstering America’s economy, improving our security, and meeting our growing needs for natural resources.


America’s role in maintaining global stability is rooted not only in our economic, moral, and military strength, but the fact that U.S. interests touch every industry and sphere of influence in the world. U.S. interests can only be protected by active international leadership. At a time when we must tighten our fiscal budget dramatically, it has never been more essential to make the international conservation investments to prevent endemic economic dislocation and chaos at a global scale.

About the U.S. Congressional International Conservation Caucus

The most popular, active bipartisan caucus on Capitol Hill

The ICCF directly supports the International Conservation Caucus - the second largest U.S. Congressional Caucus. It is currently comprised of over 1/3 of the U.S. House of Representatives and over 1/4 of the U.S. Senate. The ICCF works with Congressional ICC leaders to pull together broad audiences to forge initiatives that address the world's most pressing conservation challenges.

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